a little of who i am

i am 24 years old.

i am a woman.

i am Catholic.

i am a housewife.

i have an amazing husband, and I am so happy to share in my vocation with him.

i am a Melancholic(76%) Sanguine(47%) INF(P/J).

i have severe depression, same-sex attraction, and primary infertility (PCOS, endo, estrogen dominance).

i have an emotional support animal (Mini Aussie) whose name is Domino, named after St. Dominic (Domini Cano!)

i am for the human rights of all humans — i’m a feminist in the truest sense.

i am consistent-life, through and through.

i am the Executive Director of Life Matters Journal, a consistent-life human rights magazine (check it out!)

i am a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

i majored in Ethics, History & Public Policy (essentially pre-law).

usually, i’m just trying to get by. please be kind. <3